Golden Eagle Carterton

    This pic is Santa with his granddaughter.



Today we provided the best Santa this side of Lapland for the beautiful children’s breakfast with Santa at the Golden Eagle in Carterton Oxfordshire. The staff at the Golden Eagle put on a children’s breakfast with Santa this morning which proved very popular with the locals. I brilliant turn out. The Santa is vibrant and jovial full of fun with all the right patter. He was asking the children what they wanted for Christmas but also engaging with all of them. Hew there for the photographs also so the parents could get their children receiving a gift from Santa and Santa promising the children he will be with them on Christmas Eve. Santa reminded the children as to why we celebrate Christmas and the importance of being good at all times. Santa had a good Boys and Good Girls list and told the children individually they had been good and well behaved this year. Also mentioning leaving a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for the Reindeers. It was a great morning and so popular that the Golden Eagle I believe they will put this on again next year. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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